River Valley Core Compounding Fund is our Cayman Islands-domiciled offshore fund launched in 2014. The Fund aims to generate long term absolute returns on investors’ capital by investing in publicly listed equities as well as fixed income instruments of businesses with a primary exposure to the Asia Pacific region. The Fund’s characteristic can be defined as low volatility, long-biased with an absolute return target.

The Fund aims to identify and own well-managed businesses that have steady and predictable growth and strong cash generation. There is a strong focus on total return with an equal emphasis placed on growth and free cash generation, including the return of cash to investors. Investments would be made across the capital structure in order to deliver an optimal risk-return trade-off.

The Fund is open-ended with monthly liquidity.

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Each investor of the Fund must be a “Qualifying Relevant Owner” under Singapore regulations. Please click here for more information in this regard for individual and non-individual investors.